Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is it Wrong . . .

. . . to hate an appliance?

First let me say that this is about the sixth post I have started. Five of them are preserved as drafts and may or may not be resuscitated. I am sure most of you know what happens when you feel you can't resume writing after a long period without writing the most splendid post ever—and it is easier to write nothing.

For now, suffice it to say we have had sweltering heat and enough rain to make Noah happy, and sufficient wind to bring down several trees and to provide employment for crews with noisy machinery. While we have not had to water much, pots have been swimming in water and mud has taken the place of grass. There have been three sad deaths in dear families, and the birth of a great-nephew in England with the lovely (and classical) name of Milo. And I should not forget good news concerning employment and a family member. Perhaps some of this will be described in more detail: that's the trouble with having a Facebook account. I do not feel the need to to write a splendid—or even a grammatical entry on that platform.

I realize that sturdy grandsons are coming tomorrow to chop vines and weed, then the Mitsubishi man is coming, so it is now or never. The washing machine died a premature death, although it turned out to be a problem with electricity, not the machine, so that helped.

This, however, is public enemy number 1. When we finally—after almost 35 years— got the kitchen remodeled over 10 years ago now, I was talked into a counter-depth fridge. In all honesty, I didn't have the room for an appliance like I had before, which projected into the kitchen. I felt like all my neighbors with the water and ice dispensers in the door, and although I had the feeling that a bottom freezer would make more sense, at the time they didn't make them. I think I have about 3 square feet of room in each side of the freezer/refrigerator combination. Totally useless, even for two of us. But the worst part is the design flaw which means that the hose bringing in the water for the cold water and ice in the door is so near the compressor that it melts, sending water over the floor periodically. For about three years we have had the water turned off and used bags of ice, but I am going to make one more attempt next week. "Rick" assures me he can wrap the hose so that it will not melt again.

Meanwhile, I hate my GE refrigerator.There, I said it.

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