Friday, January 25, 2013

Time for a Laugh

Why did everyone burst out laughing in the middle of Lucy's wedding? The vows had been exchanged with due solemnity. The rings had been blessed with due solemnity. Peter had accepted the ring from the priest and solemnly put it on Lucy's finger, and when Lucy turned to take the ring to put on Peter's finger—she was handed a twist tie, which she put on his finger and soon replaced with his ring.

Lucy has her own unique sense of style. Most of us know better than to give her anything which we consider cute, tasteful or even stunning. So when Peter proposed to Lucy, he knew better than to give her a ring of his own choosing. A twist tie filled the bill until she could work with a jeweler to design her own special ring. She picked it up two days before the wedding and came over to show us and to embark on attaching the place cards to their gifts for the guests.

The ring is a pear shaped diamond mounted sideways. The favors were jars of honey from the hives Peter had kept in his back yard and which they will take to their new house. Peter had struggled with the labels at our house the night before and it was Lucy's job to stick them on the jars and replace the jars with cards attached (in alphabetical order) into the boxes.

If you have never given a wedding, let me warn you. It is the "little jobs" which have to be done the week before which break your back . . . and the bank.

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Z said...

What a beautiful ring. I hope they will be wonderfully happy.