Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October is Rich in Birthdays

Today is Halloween and the last day of October. We have celebrated four birthdays this month. First it was Danny. Danny was eleven on October 1. Perhaps the bow tie will give you a clue: Danny is the Renaissance man, a writer, musician and film maker. Note of caution—comb your hair before approaching Danny because you may land up in his movie. His next appearance on stage will be with the Grosse Pointe Theatre in "Seussical the Musical."

Daniel's cousins Theodore and Linus have birthdays four days apart later in the month. Here they are on the first day of school with their younger brother Sebastian thrown in for good measure. I think they all look a little apprehensive and a little stiffer than their usual rambunctious selves. Theodore was nine and Linus seven. They are all great swimmers and Theodore is a backstroker.

Last but not least is our oldest grandchild, Emmanuel, who reached the
un-believable age of fifteen. Here he is earlier in the year with his grandpa. Manny is a freshman in high school with a great talent for soccer. Such a change from the chubby little guy we first met in Pisa so long ago.

It is such a joy to see them grow and develop their talents. Love you all!

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