Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Celebrations of August

There's Jeff with Liz on their last anniversary.

Two more family celebrations before we move on to September. Our son-in-law Jeff marked his birthday on August 24. Since his birthday is in the baseball season and he is such a baseball fan (and a pretty good player too!), there's usually a game at Comerica Park involved. The whole family went—and four year old Lydia was ready to leave after the first innings. One of these days I am going to sit Jeff down for a series of portraits—when we are all together he usually slips away to the kitchen to do dishes or to the basement for a quick game of "clean up" and is missing from the photos. I appreciate it Jeff. Thanks for being a great son-in-law.

Today marked the second anniversary of what was, in effect, Al and Gody's third wedding. This ceremony was performed in our parish and Patrizia and Gody's sister Apauline were over from Pisa for the joyful occasion. I wrote at length about Gody on her birthday, July 6th. Love to you both today from us all.


Kath said...

you have a very handsome family Beryl!

Z said...

What I've adored, as my children have found their partners, is that I now feel I have six children rather than three, and love them all dearly. And you're as lucky too, that's great.