Monday, July 16, 2007

Here We Go Again

Two weeks since I last posted. What a lot of visitors we had, and how great it was to see everyone. I will get photos organized soon.

In a three-week period we had two incidents which can be likened to a French farce—we were literally pulling sheets off the bed and stuffing them into the washing machine while we went to the airport to pick up the next guest.

I miss everyone, especially Alex and Frederick. We’ll have more “yummy water” when you come back, guys.

In spite of all the things we DID do, there were a lot of things I forgot. Gody, we phoned you in Italy on July 6, your birthday, but I didn’t make mention of you here. I forgot to water the indoor plants and several didn’t make it. (Thank you, Lucy, for keeping the outside pots watered.) The laundry crept up to the first floor chute. Most of that is taken care of. Bills were not paid, letters were not written and I didn’t keep up with the few blogs I like to read regularly. And I didn’t see one, single, solitary point of Wimbledon.

I am going to sweep the omissions under the rug and start afresh. Watch this space.

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