Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday, 2007

How to commemorate this day? What photographs will record Easter Sunday, 2007? It was certainly an atypical celebration. I want to write about the weather—but that is old news. Snow for Easter! Look carefully at the photo: the tulip buds are drooping, the leaves are drooping. Fortunately I had not cleaned out this bed. I was waiting for the oak leaves to fall and I hope they give these flame colored tulips some protection.

Forget about the snow and let me celebrate the people with whom I spent the day. Our numbers are diminished. Elizabeth and her family went to DC to visit her brothers, packing their shorts because April in Washington is hot. Wrong assumption, but they lit lots of fires and had a great time. Patrick, Daniel, Charlie and Eleanor, together with their parents, ate ham and lamb cake with us.

I've neglected this blog in the past week. I'll fill you in next time.

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