Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Haute Couture for the Wee Ones

We’ve talked before about the totally inappropriate catalogs that have appeared in my mailbox: perhaps you remember the up-scale athletic outfits or the pricey ersatz Tyrolean haberdashery. Who could forget the sausage casings?

Right now I am looking at another catalog. It is much more up my alley–children’s clothing—but I won’t be buying anything, partly because it is way too expensive. I keep it beside my sewing machine to get ideas for sewing for my grandchildren. That’s probably illegal, so I won’t name the catalog. Their little girls’ dresses are adorable and I have been blessed with four granddaughters, so I can start getting busy for summer. But there is also the matter of eleven grandsons. Cute seersucker rompers don’t do it for nine-year-olds, so I was thumbing through the pages looking for inspiration when I came across these:

In my opinion “white gabardine” and “boys 2-4T” are not words that should ever appear in the same sentence. And when you throw in “dry clean”, I wonder what planet these designers come from. I love my grandsons, and Easter is coming and the Eton Suit (sizes 4-7, zip fly, $106.00) is really lovely, but . . .

It also comes in ivory.

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