Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Legacy of Alexander Graham Bell: the End

Why am I babbling on about phones? One thing that my former phones had in common was the technician: the man who came out to install jacks, drill through the walls, attach cords and generally make life easier.

Not any more. We must be our own technicians and do it all ourselves.

So when our phone recently showed signs of dying, I was not in a great hurry to replace it, but I finally bit the bullet and purchased a lot of—stuff. Black plastic stuff. What is more, I got it to work. I am now as cutting edge as Andrew and can get my phone to play “Old MacDonald had a Farm” when there is an incoming call. Actually, I have Beethoven’s Fifth. What I really want is the ring tone from “24”, but that would involve downloading it from somewhere and that is more technology than I want to face for a while.

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