Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Two and a half Weeks

No, that's not the title of an abridged Kim Basinger movie, it's the length of time our contractor told us it would take for him to remodel the basement. Today, nine weeks later, we bade him a fond farewell. He did pretty good work, his price was reasonable, but he put in very short days and occasionally did not turn up at all. I believed the story about taking the dog to the vet for stitches in his paw. The broken whatever in his car seemed reasonable. We've all had toothaches. At least he didn't try the grandmother's funeral story. Ernie saw that one regularly when he was teaching. Some students had a couple of grandmothers die. Every semester.

There's still a lot to clean up and some painting yet to be done. But with any luck, we'll be ship-shape for Christmas.

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